martes, 30 de julio de 2013

The f*cking birds

Hello everybody. I´m back and this time I will write the whole post in english. As every year I passed all my subjects in June, so I have a long summer for do something useful, and I am doing it. I have been studying english in  a school for a month and I will do it another more, in order to pass a  exam of english that I must pass to finish the career.

My english isn´t great and you can have sure that the post has a lot of mistakes. If you see one of them, you can correct it in the comments and I will be very glad.

This post is about... the birds!!! I wish you like it


8.30a.m.  in the clock, I was totally asleep, the window was open in order to be in a nice temperature along the night. I went to the bed  later than I wanted the previous day. I had the hope of sleep a lot of hours, but a bird in my window seemed to have other plans for me. The bird began to sing, and the sounds he did got into my head, it seemed to say ''fuck you, fuck you, fuck you''. It made me wake up. Of course it was only the tweet-tweet normal of a bird.  But when I saw the bird, it stared me a moment as saying '' I enjoyed very much to waking up you, human'' and it went away flying. It even take me off the pleasure to scare it.

No matter how much they disturb me, I will never be able to complain about it. Why? It´s easy, when I was a child, I ran to them and I scared them. Birds don´t forget and neither forgive. I realise it just today, Alfred Hitchcock knew it, and now, so do you. Reality is... that Birds hate us.

                   The picture belongs to salman2000 and it is Creative Commons

Birds disturb men when we do what we most like: to sleep. But women, don´t think that you are free of their hate. Have you ever wonder why birds atack your plants? Have you ever wonder why birds defecate over you when you are ''dress to kill''? Do you realise?

But if they think that they can win the war, they are very wrong. Many years ago human beings put scarecrows in the fields, now we have another important gun: CDs or mirrors in the houses.

Since yesterday I have so many mirrors in the balcony that it could cause blindness to a man from a distance of 2 miles.

                     The picture belongs to d2k6 and it is Creative Commons

But you know me, I am not a man of only one good idea. Now my home is safe but... What about me when I go out of here? Maybe you know that  in the stadiums of football and of others sports, and also in airports... hunters birds are used to keep away the rest of birds. Ok, so... yes! I brought one of them to be safe of the birds´s defecations.

Checkmate birds. Game over. One more time human beings win. It´s a wonderful day for walking without worries! I can see the sun, the fair sky. There is my car... just cleaned.... NO.... M-MY CAR!!!


         Modification of a  picture that  belongs to sapphir3blu3 , it is Creative Commons

                   The picture belongs to glennharvey and it is Creative Commons

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